The SOME GOOD NEWS RADIO Show Dec. 10th with Michael Hall

If by chance you happened to miss the SOME GOOD NEWS broadcast this morning, you can view it and hear it here. We had such a good time with our cowboy friend, Michael Hall today. What an inspiration this man has been to so many. Feel free to share with your friends… and then Please come back each Sunday morning at 8am CST to God bless your day!!

View it here:


If you missed the SOME GOOD NEWS Radio Broadcast this morning.. you can go HERE to listen

If you missed this morning’s Broadcast, you can still get in on it here.
Please share with your friends and let them know they can tune in each Sunday Morning at 8:am CST to out of Nashville, Tn. God bless each one is my prayer!!
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Come Listen in to SOME GOOD NEWS Radio Show this morning!!!!!!!

COME JOIN IN SUNDAY MORNING 8:00 am CST for my SOME GOOD NEWS broadcast on NBRN FM Radio. Today we have the pleasure of interviewing NBRN FM Radio’s own Keith Bradford. Such an interesting interview.. I know you will enjoy that as well as the great music.

TUNE in to the link below to hear Some Good News with
Connie Hall


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My New Radio Broadcast… “SOME GOOD NEWS”

If you missed out on Sunday (Nov 5th’s)  SOME GOOD NEWS Radio Show… you can listen to it right here.
I was able to have a nice interview with the lovely Debbie Cochran who just put out a new release BORN AGAIN WILDFLOWER where she was joined with the legendary Dolly Parton. Debbie talks about the song.. why she wrote it and about her experience recording with Dolly. You will enjoy this very much.
And don’t forget to join us each Sunday morning at 8:am CST on
God bless you ALL!!

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“SOME GOOD NEWS”……. NEW on NBRN FM RADIO out of Nashville

I wanted to let you all know of some exciting news here!!
I just got an offer this last week from Keith Bradford to join NBRN.FM Radio from Nashville, Tn. in doing an hour program for each Sunday Morning!!!

It’s been years since I worked in Radio.. I loved it then.. and I do believe that this is an open DOOR that God has provided. My heart is reaching out to others with ‘Good News’.. and that is the name of my new hour program… “SOME GOOD NEWS”!!!! The theme song is one that Keith Bradford and I co-wrote together, and I’m excited for the awesome opportunity!!

I will be doing some interviews and sharing other peoples music as well as some of my own. So I’m going to include the LINK here for you to go each Sunday morning at 8AM CST. Because it will take a bit for me to gather myself together here, I won’t begin until Oct. 28th. But be prepared and join me if you can!!!


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Weeping Only Lasts For The Night

All of America is in shock and dismay over this happening.. and I trust it will only show people how desperate a lot of folk have become!! How sad… but we need to turn to GOD!!
A song I wrote some time back…
Copyrighted and published/Bmi
Push Mountain Publishing Company

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“Thankful For My Momma’s Memories”

I’ll tell you what folks… I CRIED through writing this song. It tells the story exactly!! From my ‘little girl-hood’ to the day Momma died… and NOW at the age I AM… I can only say.. I’m thankful for every ONE of Momma’s memories!!! A special Thank You to Jon Adamson for his awesome instrumentation in this number!!

Written: Connie Hall
Registered Copyright: BMI
Push Mountain Publishing Company
Ph. #: 870-297-3332
Video Credits- Connie Hall
Producers /Artists:
My songs are available to license and
record for your upcoming recording projects.
Master Pro-tools tracks also available.

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