Bobby Cargill.#2 (2)It’s NASHVILLE COUNTRY MUSIC MAGAZINE time… here is July. Please feel free to scroll over to Tonya Tucker July Issue column and on down to CONNIE’S GOSPEL CORNER.. where you will find the interview I was able to put together with “BOBBY CARGILL”… You will enjoy this magazine. You can also get it in hardcopy as well!!!
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“From The Bottom Of Your Broken Heart”

There is a story behind this song.. a lady had gone through some very big losses and pain for some time. Crying in her pillow night after night… Jesus spoke to her heart and said..”Marybeth, will you praise me from the bottom of your broken heart” ? When she shared her story with me.. it RANG the bell in my spirit, and this is where the song happened to come from. It ministered to ME more than anybody else who has heard it. I sat and cried my eyes out the first time I sang it… have it in a video, that I probably WON’T share.. (smile). Here are the lyrics for you: From The Bottom of Your Broken Heart Written: Connie Hall Email: adiamondintheson@gmail.com Registered Copyright: BMI Push Mountain Publishing Company Email: ceo@pushmountainpublishing.com Ph. #: 870-297-3332 (Vs.1)…I saw you wounded and broken And in the dark so afraid There was no light for you To find your way You didn’t know how much I loved you You couldn’t see what I had planned So you crouched in fear Now, Child, hear what I say…(Cho) Cho. Won’t you praise me From the bottom of your broken heart Won’t you trust me When your whole world is falling apart I want to bring new life to you Something that you never knew But you must praise me From the bottom of your broken heart (Vs.2)…. You can begin by looking upward And with both hands grabbing mine You can sense and feel that I am very near I’ll wipe away the tears And I will comfort you But you must trust me with all your heart And Child, I now want you to hear… (Cho) #GospelMusic #ChristianRadio #PushMountainPublishing #RogersMusicPromotions #NashvilleCountryMusicMagazine #ConniesCountryGospelCorner #Encouragement #Comfort #GooglePlus #Linkedin



Written By:
Connie Hall
Published By:
Push Mountain Publishing
This song was written with my daughter Rachel in mind from when she was a little girl!!  I think many of you can relate to this song!!
A Handful of Daisy’s

She stood there… with flowers and a smile
The biggest smile that I’d seen in quite a while
It was a miracle of love
Sent from the Father up above
It was simply a handful of daisy’s

They’re only daisy’s
But there’s something that daisy’s do
They’re only daisy’s
But they’ll thrill you through and through
You could be givin’ all the gold
And precious jewels to have and hold
But there’s nothing like
That handful of daisy’s

I still see her with those flowers in her hand
“Momma … they’re the prettiest in the land”
It’s still a miracle of love
Sent from the Father up above
The memory of that handful of daisy’s

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A new release: “Since My Baby Said Goodbye”

This song was written for a dear friend who’d lost his wife…
I think there are a few people that can relate to how this ‘feels’!!
God bless you all!!
ConnieWritten By:
Connie Hall & Roger Dale Woods, Sr
Published By:
Push Mountain Publishing


Since My Baby Said Goodbye

Love like this don’t come along just every day
It was so special in every kind of way
I knew right from the start when she (he) came and stole my heart
But I’m so lonely since my baby said goodbye

Life’s just not the same since my baby said goodbye
It seems that all I want to do is sit and cry…
I promised her (him) this love would never die
It’s always there since my baby said goodbye


There is no way I could have been prepared
To not always have the love that we had shared
I often have the need to question why
The Lord took her (him) and my baby said goodbye

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released June 25, 2018

A New Release: “Paint Me A Picture Of Heaven”

Cover for video Pa.int Me A Picture Of Heaven.jpghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoz9ZNjZi7E&feature=youtu.be

This is a song that I and my publisher, Roger Dale Woods, Sr. co-wrote! We have both the desire for the music, and every now and then, things will fall into place for us to write one together. This is one of those times. I trust you will enjoy.. please share. You can also go to Amazon, Itunes, Spotify, and more to find many more of the songs I, or Roger and I have written. You may find them on my Band Camp page by going to: https://conniehall.bandcamp.com/ . There will be more going up on there soon. #GospelMusic #ChristianRadio #PushMountainPublishing #RogersMusicPromotions #NashvilleCountryMusicMagazine #ConniesCountryGospelCorner #Encouragement #Comfort #GooglePlus #Linkedin

Mays Issue of Connie’s Country Gospel Corner in Nashville Country Music Magazine!!


God Is RealI’m pleased to bring you the May issue of Nashville Country Music Magazine. Connie’s Country Gospel Corner has as a guest this month the awesome Jan Harbuck!!! If you’re not familiar with Jan, PLEASE take time to get to know her. What an interesting interview, and a very talented lady. She has many things to share with us along with 2 of her own special songs.

Go to the link here, scroll over to May Magazine and on down to Connie’s Gospel Corner to be able to listen to the interview. Remember that Nashville Country Music Magazine is also available in hard copy also.

An Update: and a Song…. “Go Tell Jesus”


Go Tell Jesus.jpt

I just want to take a minute to update all you who might take time to follow me on my website!

I have recently gone through some tough physical things that have taken me away from what I dearly LOVE to do.

Two weeks ago, the Dr’s did a procedure that implanted, what’s called “A CardioMem’s Device”… that monitors the pressures in my heart and alerts the doctors of situations that alert the doctors of problems with the congestive heart failure.  A procedure that was suppose to be a simple ‘outpatient’ thing, ended up with me having a bleed-out where I lost 3-4 units of blood.  I ended up with an extended hospital stay, and am still trying to get back my strength again.  SO…. needless to say, a lot of the things I was doing I’m not able to do.  I had to let go of my Radio program “Connie’s Country Gospel Corner”… HOWEVER.. I’m pleased to say, that the  Nashville Country Music Magazine” has me in the online and hard copy magazine with “Connie’s Country Gospel Corner”… where I still do interview many Singer/Songwriters.  This magazine is getting out there and around the world.. so I hope you all keep an eye out for this monthly magazine.  Thank you, Dan Knight for making me a part of this awesome thing you have going.  https://www.nashvillecountrymusicmagazine.com/lacy-j-dalton

I’m so thankful for the MANY people who prayed for me.

I’m also thankful for my publisher, Roger Woods, Sr. from Push Mountain Publishing out of Calico Rock, Ark.   He’s been a constant friend and an encourager of all that God has allowed me to do.

Here is a song that I wrote some time ago.. but I’ll tell you… I KNOW.. no matter what I have to go through.. I can “GO TELL JESUS”.

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A NEW SINGLE JUST RELEASED “I Can See Him A Comin’ For A Country Mile”

I can only say a huge thank you to my publisher, Roger Woods, Sr from Push Mountain Publishing. He is one of the most honest and hard working guys I know. It will be interesting to see what actually happens with this song!!!

This song IS available on Amazon and other places to those who might just enjoy to download.

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Connie’s Country Gospel Corner for April in Nashville Country Music Magazine

One of the most enjoyable interviews to have on Connie’s Country Gospel Corner!! I’m so glad to have been able to share it with you all here in The Nashville Country Music Magazine!! Ty Hodges is an exceptional person.. not like anybody else I know! I hope you will get in and enjoy this article here and listen to her special talent as a Singer/Songwriter!!
Follow the link here to the Magazine, page over to April Magazine and on down to Connie’s Gospel Corner.
Have a Blessed and Happy Easter!!

Ty Hodges Contact page

I would like to let you all in on the fact that I have had my old album “We’re Safe In Jesus Arms” redone. It is right now only available as downloads (no actual CD’s in hand yet).. but it has been re-done, where there are 9 of my own compositions on it… but it is dedicated in memory of Allan Walters and Carol Walters two children, Lisa & Jeff who went home to be with Jesus in 1979. The album is directed to people who’ve lost children. If you know of someone who is in need of this comfort and encouragement, please pass this on. It will be going up on Itune, Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify and many other sites shortly… but right now you can find it here:


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Gospel Singer/Songwriter

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