Weeping Only Lasts For The Night

All of America is in shock and dismay over this happening.. and I trust it will only show people how desperate a lot of folk have become!! How sad… but we need to turn to GOD!!
A song I wrote some time back…
Copyrighted and published/Bmi
Push Mountain Publishing Company

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“Thankful For My Momma’s Memories”

I’ll tell you what folks… I CRIED through writing this song. It tells the story exactly!! From my ‘little girl-hood’ to the day Momma died… and NOW at the age I AM… I can only say.. I’m thankful for every ONE of Momma’s memories!!! A special Thank You to Jon Adamson for his awesome instrumentation in this number!!

Written: Connie Hall
Email: adiamondintheson@gmail.com
Registered Copyright: BMI
Push Mountain Publishing Company
Email: rogersmusicpromotions@gmail.com
Ph. #: 870-297-3332
Video Credits- Connie Hall
Producers /Artists:
My songs are available to license and
record for your upcoming recording projects.
Master Pro-tools tracks also available.

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My newest single release “One Eye Cryin'”

My most recent single release is up on Amazon now.. here is the link for it if you might like to download it there, or if you just like to sample to hear!
This was co-written with Gary D Gray from Tex. he did the lyrics, and I did the melody for it. We have all lost loved ones and can relate to the words of this song.
Thank you all for your support
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From Rogers Music Promotions on my New Release.. “Momma’s Ol Appalachian Music”

OH MY…!!! All I can say is that I’m totally amazed, an honored to find myself in this position!! I can only say thank you to Roger for all he has done to help me not only get my stuff OUT there, but for teaching me what I needed to learn to get this accomplished… and then for just the constant encouragement when I dealt with things that seemed beyond me. Then I want to thank Bruce Elrod also for being the one who ‘pushed’ this idea of these old songs. I always LOVED them.. from the time I was a child; listening to my dear mother sing all these songs. Then to the DJ’s who have picked up on my music and shared it with the world. Then there is all my family and friends who have stood with me, loved me, encouraged me to keep on going. And last but not LEAST.. is my Creator, and Savior, Jesus Christ for loving me, saving me, and showing His grace and mercy to bring me to this place in my life!! I’m sooooooo BLESSED!!!

We at Rogers Music Promotions would like to congratulate Connie Hall on behalf of her new release on “Momma’s O’ Appalachian Music”

Here are some emails from Bruce Elrod with CashBox Magazine;
the first one being a message from Ed Russel with CastleRecords.comfrom Hendersonville, Tn. in which stated:

“This is some of the best old type gospel music I’ve listened to in a long time. I’m not sure there is a market for it in this day and time but there should be. Connie nailed the vocals and the musicians were right in the pocket of this recording. Some of these songs I had never heard before but most were old favorites of mine. It would be worth it if she had the budget to try and market this. This is one album I’m going to keep as I really like every cut on the album.”

The second message being from, Karvin Johnson K.E.S. distribution network from Chicago, Ill.
Hello Bruce,
I’m so happy to hear these beautiful timeless Gospel classics. It brought back so many memories of when my mother would sit all of us kids on the floor in the living room and she would sing these songs to us as if she was in concert…lol, those we’re priceless times.
Let me know how we could be and added value by getting this music out to the world ie Digital and Physical Distribution, Radio, TV, Press Campaign etc. I’ll call you on Monday. Have a great weekend! Best regards, Karvin Johnson

As many of you know.. Appalachian music began in the 1920’s. (It may have began earlier). It’s next big comeback was in the 50’s and 60’s.. and continues to live on today, in 2017.

Link to Amazon for that CD.. https://www.amazon.com/Mommas-Appalachian-Mus…/…/ref=sr_1_1…Back Cover for Momma's Ol Appalachian Music

Momma's Old Appalachian Music Green Cover

Evangelist: Linda Brewer to Minister.. Cave City Ark.

Church of God
631 Matlock Rd
Cave City Arkansas 7:00 pm
Monday– Friday August
With Evangelist Linda Brewer
https://www.facebook.com/linda.brewer.108/videos/1428629220508312/?hc_ref=ARSyuDMEXNll2Uy6Qewb4PCGxWMN6YeErfvQO4D0HXJYdCRsK9DD08z07PKAYKdkhIs&pnref=story.unseen-sectionLinda's Ministry Poster

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Shared from SingSnap Karaoke “A Heart That Will Never Break Again”

My goodness!!!!
What a SONG!!
I WAS standing my Daddy’s bedside.. and read to him from his MUCH WORN and marked up Bible.. the 91st Psalm which was one of his favorites.
You see My daddy was a preacher man…
and NO… he did not ‘say those words to me that are in this song’.. as my Daddy could NOT speak any more! But I’ll tell you.. the words were all in his dear face!!! The look was in his eyes… and I’m so thankful to KNOW that He was on good standing with the Lord when his time came. I have that assurance!!!
So…. all the words were perfect here!!
Love this song so much


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New “Old” Song Hits CashBox Magazine Charts… “BeulahLand”


Augusts New Charts for Cashbox Magazine
I’m showing up on 3 of the Charts for for this month with my new release off of my new CD “Momma’s Ol Appalachian Music” with the song Beulah Land!! This is the OLD Beulah Land from YEARS ago. We used to do this song in church all the time when I was a child!! So it’s got a lot of memories for me. This song along with all the rest on my new CD.
My New CD can be downloaded at Amazon:

A special thank you to Roger Woods Sr.… from Rogers Music Promotions for all he’s done to help get my music out there…
And other thanks to all the DJ’s that have shared my music out and around the world. I am truly BLESSED!!!

It Placed on These Charts:













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