My Daughter’s – Rachel Meistad Photography (News)

I am thrilled to share the fact that my daughter, Rachel Meistad got a huge surprise and honor today when one of her photo’s was featured in the local newspaper “The Courier Sentinel”. Rachel has always had a ‘gift’.. a special eye to see things that most people just walk past. She recently was blessed with a newer camera that allows her to get some awesome sights. The area she’s from has many historical sightings and this is something she treasures. This photo, was one where she laid down on the ice and ‘watched’ for over ½ hour for the proper moment to present itself where she could get these unusual colors and all of this awesome bridge. We’re pleased to see her work being recognized for what it is, and pray that God will open doors for her to us this gift down the road. We’d be so pleased to see you all just support her and encourage her to reach out to do more with her work. Thank you all!!

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I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You

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I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You

Recorded By: Alan Jackson
Author: Dale Dodson

If I surveyed all the good things that come to me from above
If I count all the blessings from the storehouse of love
I’d simply ask for a favor of him beyond mortal king
And I’m sure that he’d grant it again
I want to stroll over Heaven with you some glad day
When all our troubles and heartaches are vanished away
Then we’ll enjoy the beauty where all things are new
I want to stroll over Heaven with you
So many places of beauty we long to see here below
But time and treasures have kept us from making plans as you know
But come the morning of the rapture together we’ll stand anew
While I stroll over Heaven with you
I want to stroll over Heaven with you some glad day
When all our troubles and heartaches are vanished away
Then we’ll enjoy the beauty where all things are new
I want to stroll over Heaven with you
I want to stroll over Heaven with you
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Thanks for this Memorial Day

With Thanks This Memorial Day

Copyrighted 5/26/2019
Written By:
Wayne Watson

(This came from Wayne when I asked him about it’s being written:
After the weeding, planting, & mulching of mom & dads gravesite yesterday afternoon, I sat down there, in humble respect & meditation looking back at dads dedicated & unselfish acts during the invasion of Normandy & in all the years that followed instructing other Naval officers at the Charlestown Naval Base. As I sat in silent reverence,…the warm gentle breeze gently drying the tears upon my cheeks…I felt compelled to pen a few words of gratitude to dad & to all our veterans, then sharing it on FB with my family of friends. I received a message from a friend, a well known country singer/songwriter named Connie Hall, sharing with me her beautiful video recording of my words and asking if she & her publisher Roger Woods Sr (of Push Mountain Publishing) could post it on their YouTube pages. So very humbled & blessed is this simple man…thank you Connie & Roger…not just for sharing my words set to beautiful music, but in honoring our fallen heroes as we celebrate their sacrifice on this Memorial Day. God bless)

“As I come to plant fresh flowers and spend time here by your grave,
I thank you for your brave, unselfish sacrifice you gave,
You commandeered a fleet of landing craft upon that shore,
A time so horrid of nightmares that Silently you bravely bore,

You told of how so many never made but a few steps,
Your job was to deliver them
to that shore even while you wept,
You bravely pulled the wounded back into that landing craft
While the dead count was amounting
From from the stern & from the aft,

Those horrid sights & sounds you heard
Weren’t mentioned much at all
As your pain was far too great
As you watched your brothers fall
But bravely, oh so bravely,
Did you serve your country well
And the gates of Heaven welcomed you
And relieved you from that hell

You and countless others are remembered on this day
And the flowers and our flag are
Just one way we wish to say
Thank you for your service to protect our country free
And thank you for ensuring that
Our families will stay free

So new flowers now are planted
I bow my head in thanks and pray
Godspeed…God bless my father
With my thanks this Memorial Day.”

Heaven Forever.. lyrics: RogerWoods, Sr. Music: Connie Hall

Heaven Forever

Lyrics: Roger Dale Woods, Sr Music: Connie Hall Email:

Registered Copyright: BMI Push Mountain Publishing Company


Ph. #: 501-230-7180

This song was co-written a little over a year ago by myself and my publisher Roger Woods, Sr from Rose Bud Ark. It was put together when he was going through an exceptionally difficult time, and thought behind this song was in KNOWING that when we DO get to heaven, there won’t be anymore sickness, nor dying. I am THANKFUL to know that there will be that day.

This song is called HEAVEN FOREVER.

1).. As I think of the place that’s called heaven

It’s with a yearning heart and a watchful eye.

For I know my Lord is coming back to take me

To my mansion He’s prepared up in the sky…

(Cho) And it will be….. Heaven Forever

And we’ll walk upon the streets of purest gold;

Yes , It will be… Heaven Forever

In that land where we never shall grow old

(Bridge) 2)..

There will be no more sickness, no more dying

And each breath I breathe is straight off heavens shore.

I will join my loved ones waiting over yonder

Where we’ll spend eternity forever more.

I Felt It On The Radio (lyrics: Roger Woods, Sr) Melody: Connie Hall

I Felt It On The Radio

Written By: 
Connie Hall & Roger Dale Woods, Sr 
Published By: 
Push Mountain Publishing:

I heard a song on the radio 
The melody played soft and low 
That’s when the tears came to my eyes 
It didn’t matter how it was performed 
It was the fact my heart was warmed 
The message came through from one so wise 

There’s no denying how it changed my life 
It simply took away the strife 
My heart responded to it’s ebbing and it’s flo 
It was the simple drawing to that song 
The emotions were so strong 
It’s because I felt it on the radio 

There is no way anyone could know 
That my spirits were so low 
But when the first notes began to hit my ears 
Every sense in me came alive 
I began to feel my heart revive 
I felt it’s magic soothe all my fears 

When Mercy Walked In.. Cover Song.. Connie Hall

I want to say a special thank you to Roger Woods, Sr for all the uplifting and encouragement he has provided regarding my music. Songs like THIS one are what it’s all about… NO.. it’s NOT my OWN composition.. but it’s got the message I so love to SHARE…. so Rog, thanks again for being such a support!!

When Mercy Walked In
Cover Song Written By: Stuart Keene Hine

I stood in the court room the judge turn my way
It looks like you’re guilty now what do you say
I spoke up your honor I have no defense
But that’s when mercy walked in
Mercy walked in and pleaded my case
Called to the stand God’s saving grace
The blood was presented that covered my sin
Forgiven when mercy walked in
Praise the lord
I stood there and wondered how could this be
That someone so guilty had just been set free
My chains were broken I felt born again
The moment that mercy walked in
The blood was presented that covered my sin forgiven when mercy walked in hmmmm

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The Sweetest Thing I’ve Ever Known

This video was done up as a request by my publisher, Roger Woods Sr... and I must say I’m happy to have done so!!! I hope you’ll all enjoy!!

The Sweetest Thing I’ve Ever Known..
(Cover Song Written By:
Otha Young (a.k.a. Robert O. Young)
Recorded By: Juice Newton

When I see you in the morning
That old sleep still in your eyes
I remember all the laughter and the tears
We shared last night
And as we lie here
Just two shadows
In the light before the dawn
The sweetest thing I’ve ever known is loving you
And I have never been afraid of losing out
And I have never wanted love to be a chain
I only know that when I’m with you
You’re my sunshine, you’re my rain
The sweetest thing I’ve ever known is loving you
Now you and I
We’re not children
We have both been loved before
We have given and we have taken
Many rides on troubled shores
But all the heartaches and temptations
Only made me love you more
The sweetest thing I’ve ever know is loving you
And I have never been afraid of losing out
And I have never wanted love to be a chain
I only know that when I’m with you
You’re my sunshine, you’re my rain
The sweetest thing I’ve ever known is loving you
The sweetest thing I’ve ever known is loving you

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April Feature for Connie’s Country Gospel Corner.. with Doug York

Here is the link to Nashville Country Music Magazine… where Connie’s Country Corner is located with our featuring artist each month……

This month on Connie’s Country Gospel Corner, it’s a pleasure to have a wonderful man from Talequah, Ok as our featured guest. Doug York is a Singer/Songwriter who has an exceptional and beautiful way of putting life experiences into his music. When you hear him, you’ll know what I mean. From his watching and listening to his dear Momma on her knees in prayer for him, to feeling convicted in seeing an elderly woman mowing her own grass. Everything in life can be a message in a song, especially when it’s Doug York writing the music. Doug was brought up in the church with a praying mother and believes that it was Momma’s prayers that led him to know Christ as his Savior. He met and has had been married to an awesome lady for 47 years. She stood by his side when Doug went through some serious cancer treatments and they’re blessed with 4 great grandchildren. Doug plays and sings wherever the doors are open for him and he blesses many folks in the nursing homes, etc. We’re pleased to tell you that Doug has 3 CD’s, one just recently released and you can find them all by going to his Facebook page:… or by emailing him at: Or by calling him at: 918-863-6888 I hope you will all enjoy your time with us here this month. God bless is my prayer. Please share, and come back again next month where we have planned an awesome artist for you!!

Ride Out Your Storm

A Cover song written By: Dr. Wanda Carr
Recorded By: Connie
Hall Ride Out Your Storm
You’ve been in the storm and it seems like forever
And your nights of confusion has been too long
your ship has lost anchor and the storm’s got you drifting
Just hold on to Jesus And ride out your storm

Ride out your storm God is there with you
you may not feel him but you’re not alone
you’re hurting now but your morning is coming
You gotta hold on to Jesus and just ride out your storm

Remember His promise He said I’ll never forsake you
though the waters are troubled they’ll do you no harm
don’t give up the battle for your answer is coming
Just hold on to Jesus and just ride out your storm

Connie Hall… As Your Spirit Falls On Me

This song was written back in 1974. It was after I’d accepted Jesus as my Savior and I felt a need to write a song especially for Him. Being a busy housewife and Momma.. I didn’t have a lot of privacy.. so I took my guitar, a pen & paper and my Bible with me out to the car where it was ‘quiet”…In just a few minutes of time, this song was all there. I’ve sung it many times and saw the presence of god fall on hearts as they listened. I pray it will bless you also right here, right now!!

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