April Feature for Connie’s Country Gospel Corner.. with Doug York

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This month on Connie’s Country Gospel Corner, it’s a pleasure to have a wonderful man from Talequah, Ok as our featured guest. Doug York is a Singer/Songwriter who has an exceptional and beautiful way of putting life experiences into his music. When you hear him, you’ll know what I mean. From his watching and listening to his dear Momma on her knees in prayer for him, to feeling convicted in seeing an elderly woman mowing her own grass. Everything in life can be a message in a song, especially when it’s Doug York writing the music. Doug was brought up in the church with a praying mother and believes that it was Momma’s prayers that led him to know Christ as his Savior. He met and has had been married to an awesome lady for 47 years. She stood by his side when Doug went through some serious cancer treatments and they’re blessed with 4 great grandchildren. Doug plays and sings wherever the doors are open for him and he blesses many folks in the nursing homes, etc. We’re pleased to tell you that Doug has 3 CD’s, one just recently released and you can find them all by going to his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/doug.york.73… or by emailing him at: Pickinhotlix@sbcglobal.net Or by calling him at: 918-863-6888 I hope you will all enjoy your time with us here this month. God bless is my prayer. Please share, and come back again next month where we have planned an awesome artist for you!!

An UPDATE on my MUSIC….. A New Page to go to

Bandcamp logo

I am a gospel Singer/Songwriter!  I have in the last three years gotten connected with a publisher, Roger Woods, Sr. out of Rose Bud, Arkansas, from Rogers Music Promotions, who has walked me through all the steps needed to get my music taken care of.  I now have 120 some songs copyrighted & Registered with BMI!  A lot of my music has gone out to radio.. but I’m not looking to get charted, or make a pile of money on what I do.  The music I write is mostly things that have come to me from God through hard times when I’ve reached out to Him for strength and courage to go on!  I know the music He’s put in me is something I need to share with others.  So… the last 2 years have been a time of getting them taken care of.. recorded, and put into video so people can just see, hear, and hopefully be blessed by.     This BandCamp page I have, has almost all my music on it.  There are some cover tunes.. and they are not all gospel.

I do hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve put together, and if it’s something to help someone else you know… feel free to share with them.   I have also put most of this on Connie Hall’s YouTube..

Thank you all… and God bless is my prayer!!



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Connie’s Country Gospel Corner #7.. Mar.4th

Please join me today here on CONNIE’S COUNTRY GOSPEL CORNER. We will be sharing some very good Gospel Music by varying artists. Then we are totally blessed with having Pastor Jamey Cowgill bring to us a Devotional again. I want to thank him for taking his time to put these study’s together so well… I’ve learned a lot from them. And as always, I like to bring to you a Gospel Singer/Songwriter each week who shares some of their own music.. and the stories behind the song. Today I’m thrilled to have Ty Hodges from Pembroke. Georgia share with us. Ty is a most unusually talented gal, who is just about as country as you can GET…. you will ENJOY!

Listen in here: https://www.whprradio.com/ @ 11:AM CST.

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Ty Hodges Contact page

Shared from SingSnap Karaoke “A Heart That Will Never Break Again”

My goodness!!!!
What a SONG!!
I WAS standing my Daddy’s bedside.. and read to him from his MUCH WORN and marked up Bible.. the 91st Psalm which was one of his favorites.
You see My daddy was a preacher man…
and NO… he did not ‘say those words to me that are in this song’.. as my Daddy could NOT speak any more! But I’ll tell you.. the words were all in his dear face!!! The look was in his eyes… and I’m so thankful to KNOW that He was on good standing with the Lord when his time came. I have that assurance!!!
So…. all the words were perfect here!!
Love this song so much


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My New Release: “Lord Use Me” how to get it

Lord Use Me CD Front Cover.jpg

“Lord Use Me”, is a 10 song CD that is being released by Push Mountain Publishing Company.  All the songs on this album are Connie’s own compositions.   Her songwriting is very often inspired by the things that life has thrown at either herself, or people that she’s loved and cared for.  Most of the music comes as inspiration  to reach out and help people to find comfort,  strength and courage to keep on  walking when you don’t think you can quite go on.

Her prayer for many years has been that God would allow her to reach out and take a ‘brother’s’ hand..  and help them again to stand. That’s what inspired this song.. and this album.

Connie says: “I trust that you will find comfort, strength and courage as you listen to all the songs on this CD”

You can go to the link(s) below to listen and download if you’d like:






Email for Connie: adiamondintheson@gmail.com

Publisher Contact: rogersmusicpromotions@gmail.com or Ph: 870-297-3332

Rogers Music Promotions Interview on “Rise And Be Healed”


Rise & Be Healed Promo

We want to share with you a promo for Connie Hall’s new release: “Rise And Be Healed”. This is a piece Connie wrote many years ago, that has been used to touch many people in need of a touch from God. “Healing” is more than physical, and that’s what this song talks about. You can find this song as well as many of Connie’s works by going to the links below.
Her personal webpage is:
Publisher Contact:
Push Mountain Publishing Co.

New Music Up on Amazon


Well… today I get to say… there are a few more songs that went up on Amazon.. your’e welcome to go check them out and download if you wish…


Contact Info:

Connie Hall 

Email: adiamondintheson@gmail.com

Registered Copyright: BMI

Push Mountain Publishing Company

Email: ceo@pushmountainpublishing.com

Recording in Studio in 1980 “We’re Safe In Jesus Arms”


This was taken at the recording studio when I did “We’re Safe In Jesus Arms” back in 1980. It was a very special time in that these friends, Alan & Carol Walters, had lost their 2 children in a car accident.. the only children they had. It was such a hard time for all of us who loved them in our church family… and when the offer came to do this album, it ended up that the song “We’re Safe In Jesus Arms” that was written for the children, became the title of the album and was directed to people who have gone through that sorrow, and dedicated in memory of the two little one. Alan and Carol Walters, were able to be with in the studio that day as we recorded… and it was just a very touching time, and a special memory!!

Push Mountain Publishing Company



I wish to say a huge thank you to Roger Woods, Sr. from Calico Rock Arkansas for looking and listening to everything I’ve presented to him.  He’s taken time to explain many things that I, as an artist never really knew.  The singing has always been a part of my life from the time I was a little girl… but there’s a huge difference between just picking up your guitar, or sitting to the keyboards and singing or writing a song….. and getting it out there to the public to be heard all over the country and around the world.  I never DREAMED in my wildest imaginations that any of my music could go so far… and here it is ending up on CashBox Magazines charting system… (this is the 4th month in a row now).  It would not have happened by just sitting with my little guitar or playing my keyboard and singing to my hearts content.  It takes a LOT more understanding of how the Music Industry works than what I ever knew.  So it’s with a HUGE thank you to this man for doing all he’s done and all he is still doing for me.

Thank you, Roger

Connie Hall


I’ve been involved in music most of my life. As the daughter of a minister, I sang in church from the time I was a child. When I was a teenager, my brother and I formed a gospel quartet and we performed throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. In 1979 some dear friends lost the only 2 children they had in an auto accident. At that time, I wrote a song called “We’re Safe In Jesus Arms” which became the title song for an album a year later. It was directed toward people who have lost children, and I dedicated it in memory of those children.

Raising four boys, I was unable to dedicate the time necessary to make music a career, but my heart was always there. I’ve written many songs through the years. Most of them were songs much like the ones on my album, written in hopes they can help someone who may be hurting.

As the years progressed, I could not have foreseen how the music would become what it has to me. For the first time in my life, I’m in a position where I have time to do what God put in my heart years ago. No one is more surprised than I to see what has occurred in recent months where a song I’ve written and produced actually hit the charts. I would have been thrilled with one, but I’ve had the song on three different charts so far. The doors are opening for me to introduce some of my own music to as many people as I can touch. I’m trusting God to take it where he sees fit.