Connie’s Country Gospel Corner #7.. Mar.4th

Please join me today here on CONNIE’S COUNTRY GOSPEL CORNER. We will be sharing some very good Gospel Music by varying artists. Then we are totally blessed with having Pastor Jamey Cowgill bring to us a Devotional again. I want to thank him for taking his time to put these study’s together so well… I’ve learned a lot from them. And as always, I like to bring to you a Gospel Singer/Songwriter each week who shares some of their own music.. and the stories behind the song. Today I’m thrilled to have Ty Hodges from Pembroke. Georgia share with us. Ty is a most unusually talented gal, who is just about as country as you can GET…. you will ENJOY!

Listen in here: @ 11:AM CST.

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Ty Hodges Contact page

Shared from SingSnap Karaoke “A Heart That Will Never Break Again”

My goodness!!!!
What a SONG!!
I WAS standing my Daddy’s bedside.. and read to him from his MUCH WORN and marked up Bible.. the 91st Psalm which was one of his favorites.
You see My daddy was a preacher man…
and NO… he did not ‘say those words to me that are in this song’.. as my Daddy could NOT speak any more! But I’ll tell you.. the words were all in his dear face!!! The look was in his eyes… and I’m so thankful to KNOW that He was on good standing with the Lord when his time came. I have that assurance!!!
So…. all the words were perfect here!!
Love this song so much

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New “Old” Song Hits CashBox Magazine Charts… “BeulahLand”


Augusts New Charts for Cashbox Magazine
I’m showing up on 3 of the Charts for for this month with my new release off of my new CD “Momma’s Ol Appalachian Music” with the song Beulah Land!! This is the OLD Beulah Land from YEARS ago. We used to do this song in church all the time when I was a child!! So it’s got a lot of memories for me. This song along with all the rest on my new CD.
My New CD can be downloaded at Amazon:…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

A special thank you to Roger Woods Sr.… from Rogers Music Promotions for all he’s done to help get my music out there…
And other thanks to all the DJ’s that have shared my music out and around the world. I am truly BLESSED!!!

It Placed on These Charts:













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My New Release: “Lord Use Me” how to get it

Lord Use Me CD Front Cover.jpg

“Lord Use Me”, is a 10 song CD that is being released by Push Mountain Publishing Company.  All the songs on this album are Connie’s own compositions.   Her songwriting is very often inspired by the things that life has thrown at either herself, or people that she’s loved and cared for.  Most of the music comes as inspiration  to reach out and help people to find comfort,  strength and courage to keep on  walking when you don’t think you can quite go on.

Her prayer for many years has been that God would allow her to reach out and take a ‘brother’s’ hand..  and help them again to stand. That’s what inspired this song.. and this album.

Connie says: “I trust that you will find comfort, strength and courage as you listen to all the songs on this CD”

You can go to the link(s) below to listen and download if you’d like:




Email for Connie:

Publisher Contact: or Ph: 870-297-3332

“I See The Lights Of Home”… 12 Song CD … download at: Amazon

You can go to Amazon and download this 12 song, CD .
“I See The Lights of Home” is a song that I wrote for my father when he was in his latter years and was too sick to even speak, or help himself in any way. I KNEW he was ready and wanted to just go home to be with Jesus!!
I hope you will enjoy!!

The actualy CD Cover in case

Praise Radio… awesome Gospel Music… go listen in:

Praise be Jesus. To God be all the Glory. Just received this affirmation that lives are being touched by the music on Praise Radio. God Bless you all that are part of this ministry.
Submitted from:
subject: Contact Form
yourname: Praise Radio
Message: Type Message Here…
Message_12: Type Message Here…
Message_13: Just found out about your station and started listening! It has already been a blessing to me! I Listen to it while at work and it really helps me to rise above any circumstances Satan may throw my way! May God continue to bless you while you bless others with good wholesome music! Tom Smith is a good friend of mine and he sent me the link to your station! So glad he did! Go to and listen to great Gospel Music.

You can go to this link and listen to so many artists… You may go to Playlist & Requests and scroll down under Connie Hall and request my music to be heard there.

The Touch Of The Masters Hand

This was recorded by Connie Hall (Narrator) and put together into video by Jon Adamson.

The violinist is:
Lindsey Stirling
You can listen to her talent and hear her testimony by going to:

Myra Welch (The author of this poem) would say that she heard a speaker address a group of students on the power of God to bring out the best in people. She said she herself became filled with light and that ‘Touch of the Master’s Hand” was written in 30 minutes!
The finished poem was sent anonymously to the editor of her local church news bulletin. She felt it was a gift from God and didn’t need her name on it.

Inspirational Reflections


 Jon Adamson from Temecula, California is a talent second to none!!! This man not only knows the guitar and how to make your heart come alive with it, but also is excellent with photography. From there, he puts it all together to create awesome reflections in simple pictures, or as complex as videos. If you have special work that needs to be done, please keep Jon in mind as he will give you quality product every time.


Contact Jon At:

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