Ride Out Your Storm

A Cover song written By: Dr. Wanda Carr
Recorded By: Connie
Hall Ride Out Your Storm
You’ve been in the storm and it seems like forever
And your nights of confusion has been too long
your ship has lost anchor and the storm’s got you drifting
Just hold on to Jesus And ride out your storm

Ride out your storm God is there with you
you may not feel him but you’re not alone
you’re hurting now but your morning is coming
You gotta hold on to Jesus and just ride out your storm

Remember His promise He said I’ll never forsake you
though the waters are troubled they’ll do you no harm
don’t give up the battle for your answer is coming
Just hold on to Jesus and just ride out your storm

A new release: “Since My Baby Said Goodbye”

This song was written for a dear friend who’d lost his wife…
I think there are a few people that can relate to how this ‘feels’!!
God bless you all!!
ConnieWritten By:
Connie Hall & Roger Dale Woods, Sr
Published By:
Push Mountain Publishing


Since My Baby Said Goodbye

Love like this don’t come along just every day
It was so special in every kind of way
I knew right from the start when she (he) came and stole my heart
But I’m so lonely since my baby said goodbye

Life’s just not the same since my baby said goodbye
It seems that all I want to do is sit and cry…
I promised her (him) this love would never die
It’s always there since my baby said goodbye


There is no way I could have been prepared
To not always have the love that we had shared
I often have the need to question why
The Lord took her (him) and my baby said goodbye

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released June 25, 2018

A New Release: “Paint Me A Picture Of Heaven”

Cover for video Pa.int Me A Picture Of Heaven.jpghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoz9ZNjZi7E&feature=youtu.be

This is a song that I and my publisher, Roger Dale Woods, Sr. co-wrote! We have both the desire for the music, and every now and then, things will fall into place for us to write one together. This is one of those times. I trust you will enjoy.. please share. You can also go to Amazon, Itunes, Spotify, and more to find many more of the songs I, or Roger and I have written. You may find them on my Band Camp page by going to: https://conniehall.bandcamp.com/ . There will be more going up on there soon. #GospelMusic #ChristianRadio #PushMountainPublishing #RogersMusicPromotions #NashvilleCountryMusicMagazine #ConniesCountryGospelCorner #Encouragement #Comfort #GooglePlus #Linkedin

I would like to let you all in on the fact that I have had my old album “We’re Safe In Jesus Arms” redone. It is right now only available as downloads (no actual CD’s in hand yet).. but it has been re-done, where there are 9 of my own compositions on it… but it is dedicated in memory of Allan Walters and Carol Walters two children, Lisa & Jeff who went home to be with Jesus in 1979. The album is directed to people who’ve lost children. If you know of someone who is in need of this comfort and encouragement, please pass this on. It will be going up on Itune, Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify and many other sites shortly… but right now you can find it here:


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For those of you who could not join in on CONNIE’S COUNTRY GOSPEL CORNER today, you are able to see it here. We always share some very good Gospel Music by varying artists. Then we are totally blessed with having Pastor Jamey Cowgill bring to us a Devotional again. I want to thank him for taking his time to put these study’s together so well… I’ve learned a lot from them. And as always, I like to bring to you a Gospel Singer/Songwriter each week who shares some of their own music.. and the stories behind the song. I’m thrilled to have Ty Hodges from Pembroke. Georgia share with us. Ty is a most unusually talented gal, who is just about as country as you can GET…. you will ENJOY! Listen in here: https://www.whprradio.com/ @ 11:AM CST. #GospelMusic #ChristianRadio #PushMountainPublishing #Encouragement#Comfort #GooglePlus #Linkedin


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I want to invite you to come listen in to CONNIE’S COUNTRY GOSPEL CORNER this weekend! Every week we share good ol Gospel Music. Then we always have a wonderful Devotional time. This week again we have Pastor Jamey Cowgill sharing with us “In The Eyes Of The Beholder”. We feature each week a special guest, Singer/Songwriter, and this week we have Luanne Hunt from Hesperia, Ca. Please don’t miss out on this as Luanne has made a real mark with her impressive talents and her sincere dedication to doing what she does!! You will be blessed.

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“Thankful For My Momma’s Memories”

I’ll tell you what folks… I CRIED through writing this song. It tells the story exactly!! From my ‘little girl-hood’ to the day Momma died… and NOW at the age I AM… I can only say.. I’m thankful for every ONE of Momma’s memories!!! A special Thank You to Jon Adamson for his awesome instrumentation in this number!!

Written: Connie Hall
Email: adiamondintheson@gmail.com
Registered Copyright: BMI
Push Mountain Publishing Company
Email: rogersmusicpromotions@gmail.com
Ph. #: 870-297-3332
Video Credits- Connie Hall
Producers /Artists:
My songs are available to license and
record for your upcoming recording projects.
Master Pro-tools tracks also available.

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Shared from SingSnap Karaoke “A Heart That Will Never Break Again”

My goodness!!!!
What a SONG!!
I WAS standing my Daddy’s bedside.. and read to him from his MUCH WORN and marked up Bible.. the 91st Psalm which was one of his favorites.
You see My daddy was a preacher man…
and NO… he did not ‘say those words to me that are in this song’.. as my Daddy could NOT speak any more! But I’ll tell you.. the words were all in his dear face!!! The look was in his eyes… and I’m so thankful to KNOW that He was on good standing with the Lord when his time came. I have that assurance!!!
So…. all the words were perfect here!!
Love this song so much


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