New “Old” Song Hits CashBox Magazine Charts… “BeulahLand”


Augusts New Charts for Cashbox Magazine
I’m showing up on 3 of the Charts for for this month with my new release off of my new CD “Momma’s Ol Appalachian Music” with the song Beulah Land!! This is the OLD Beulah Land from YEARS ago. We used to do this song in church all the time when I was a child!! So it’s got a lot of memories for me. This song along with all the rest on my new CD.
My New CD can be downloaded at Amazon:…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

A special thank you to Roger Woods Sr.… from Rogers Music Promotions for all he’s done to help get my music out there…
And other thanks to all the DJ’s that have shared my music out and around the world. I am truly BLESSED!!!

It Placed on These Charts:













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My New Release: “Lord Use Me” how to get it

Lord Use Me CD Front Cover.jpg

“Lord Use Me”, is a 10 song CD that is being released by Push Mountain Publishing Company.  All the songs on this album are Connie’s own compositions.   Her songwriting is very often inspired by the things that life has thrown at either herself, or people that she’s loved and cared for.  Most of the music comes as inspiration  to reach out and help people to find comfort,  strength and courage to keep on  walking when you don’t think you can quite go on.

Her prayer for many years has been that God would allow her to reach out and take a ‘brother’s’ hand..  and help them again to stand. That’s what inspired this song.. and this album.

Connie says: “I trust that you will find comfort, strength and courage as you listen to all the songs on this CD”

You can go to the link(s) below to listen and download if you’d like:




Email for Connie:

Publisher Contact: or Ph: 870-297-3332

“I See The Lights Of Home”… 12 Song CD … download at: Amazon

You can go to Amazon and download this 12 song, CD .
“I See The Lights of Home” is a song that I wrote for my father when he was in his latter years and was too sick to even speak, or help himself in any way. I KNEW he was ready and wanted to just go home to be with Jesus!!
I hope you will enjoy!!

The actualy CD Cover in case

My Music Getting Around The World…

Noel Parry Radio Southland

I am pleased to say….Noel Parry of Radio Southland, 96.4FM in New Zealand, is adding my CD to his show, Country Express. Noel plays a real mix of traditional country, yodeling and bluegrass and has loyal followers across New Zealand and (thanks to live streaming) the world. Country Express airs Wednesdays from 2.30-5.30pm local time. Thank You Noel! God Bless!!

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New Music Up on Amazon


Well… today I get to say… there are a few more songs that went up on Amazon.. your’e welcome to go check them out and download if you wish…

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Connie Hall 


Registered Copyright: BMI

Push Mountain Publishing Company


“Rank Strangers” Hits #1 on CashBox Magazine Chart

I have some very exciting news to share with you all today!!
My single CD, “Rank Strangers” that I’d released last fall, hit CashBox Magazine charting system, and landed on 3 of their charts back in Sept. It made Traditional Country, Americana, and Folk. It surprised me tremendously to see it ‘stay’ on those charts and come up on them each month for the last 3 months since then. This month I’m astonished and very happy to tell you, that little old song made it to #1 on CashBox Magazines Traditional Country Chart!!! I don’t even know what to ‘say’… other than the good LORD had a hand in it happening. I do know that it opens the doors for my other music now to get out there to stations all over the world. The songs that I’ve written, most of them have been inspired by friends and family, and experiences where they have needed the encouragement that only God can give. So I’m extremely BLESSED and trusting Him to take the rest from here. All I need to do, is “my part”… and that’s just what I’m going to do. Thank you, everybody for all your support in what I do. Thank you to Roger Woods Sr.. from Push Mountain Publishing out of Calico Rock Ark. for believing in what I do and supporting me every step of the way. You understand what it IS that God is wanting of me!! Thank you to James Stiltner, from Hurly , Va. For doing such an excellent job on the instrumentals on this number… a #1 talent for SURE. Jon Adamson, thank you for working side by side in all my endeavors.
I want to say a special thank you to Bruce Elrod and Doug Stroud from CashBox Magazine for all they have done in helping to get this song to where it IS!!! Thank you, both, sincerely, and God Bless!!
Most of all, I thank Jesus Christ for giving me this ability to sing for Him.

Contact Info:  Push Mountain Publishing :  or Ph# 870-297-3332

_jan-2017cashbox-magazine-traditional-country-jpg _jan-2017cashbox-magazine-traditional-americana-jpg


Recording in Studio in 1980 “We’re Safe In Jesus Arms”


This was taken at the recording studio when I did “We’re Safe In Jesus Arms” back in 1980. It was a very special time in that these friends, Alan & Carol Walters, had lost their 2 children in a car accident.. the only children they had. It was such a hard time for all of us who loved them in our church family… and when the offer came to do this album, it ended up that the song “We’re Safe In Jesus Arms” that was written for the children, became the title of the album and was directed to people who have gone through that sorrow, and dedicated in memory of the two little one. Alan and Carol Walters, were able to be with in the studio that day as we recorded… and it was just a very touching time, and a special memory!!

My CD on Richard Frazier’s Radio Show



I’m so blessed to see Richard received my CD’s. Thank you for sharing this with all your friends on your show!!! God Bless

I just got word.. that “Rank Strangers” the single (which is also on this CD) has hit #1 on CashBox Magazine Traditional Country Chart. It’s been on the charts now for 4 months.. this is the 5th month. I’m so blessed and honored that God has allowed this to HAPPEN!! Thank you for sharing this on your page!!!


CashBox Magazine Charting for December 2016

traditional-country-1-1 Christian Servant Radio americanna-jpg

I AM soooo pleased to be able to bring to you the CashBox Magazine Charts again for December. It’s amazing to see my name still on them now.. for the 4th month in a row. I want to THANK Bruce Elrod & Doug from CashBox Magazine and all the people who have helped to see this happen. I want to thank Roger from Push Mountain Publishing Company for reaching out with my music and giving this gal a chance to see the rest of her music get out to the world. I pray God will touch people through what I do!! Thank all you, my friends and family for all your support and wonderful words of encouragement!!
(And Lo and Behold… a little surprise.. a 2nd song “Christmas Without Jesus” written by Marty Denton“, sung by myself, also hit the Traditional Country chart) Double blessing)

Push Mountain Publishing Company


I wish to say a huge thank you to Roger Woods, Sr. from Calico Rock Arkansas for looking and listening to everything I’ve presented to him.  He’s taken time to explain many things that I, as an artist never really knew.  The singing has always been a part of my life from the time I was a little girl… but there’s a huge difference between just picking up your guitar, or sitting to the keyboards and singing or writing a song….. and getting it out there to the public to be heard all over the country and around the world.  I never DREAMED in my wildest imaginations that any of my music could go so far… and here it is ending up on CashBox Magazines charting system… (this is the 4th month in a row now).  It would not have happened by just sitting with my little guitar or playing my keyboard and singing to my hearts content.  It takes a LOT more understanding of how the Music Industry works than what I ever knew.  So it’s with a HUGE thank you to this man for doing all he’s done and all he is still doing for me.

Thank you, Roger

Connie Hall

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