Connie Hall — “Little Jesse”

It’s amazing when I look back at the years.. 4 sons.. and 3 of them all were military. This son, Jesse made it a career, and just finished 30 years in the AirForce. It’s hard to watch your children go off to fight for our country… not knowing if they’ll make it back home again. More than one night found Momma praying that they’d be ok. This is for you.. “Little Jesse”..

Inspirational Reflections


 Jon Adamson from Temecula, California is a talent second to none!!! This man not only knows the guitar and how to make your heart come alive with it, but also is excellent with photography. From there, he puts it all together to create awesome reflections in simple pictures, or as complex as videos. If you have special work that needs to be done, please keep Jon in mind as he will give you quality product every time.


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