Thanks for this Memorial Day

With Thanks This Memorial Day

Copyrighted 5/26/2019
Written By:
Wayne Watson

(This came from Wayne when I asked him about it’s being written:
After the weeding, planting, & mulching of mom & dads gravesite yesterday afternoon, I sat down there, in humble respect & meditation looking back at dads dedicated & unselfish acts during the invasion of Normandy & in all the years that followed instructing other Naval officers at the Charlestown Naval Base. As I sat in silent reverence,…the warm gentle breeze gently drying the tears upon my cheeks…I felt compelled to pen a few words of gratitude to dad & to all our veterans, then sharing it on FB with my family of friends. I received a message from a friend, a well known country singer/songwriter named Connie Hall, sharing with me her beautiful video recording of my words and asking if she & her publisher Roger Woods Sr (of Push Mountain Publishing) could post it on their YouTube pages. So very humbled & blessed is this simple man…thank you Connie & Roger…not just for sharing my words set to beautiful music, but in honoring our fallen heroes as we celebrate their sacrifice on this Memorial Day. God bless)

“As I come to plant fresh flowers and spend time here by your grave,
I thank you for your brave, unselfish sacrifice you gave,
You commandeered a fleet of landing craft upon that shore,
A time so horrid of nightmares that Silently you bravely bore,

You told of how so many never made but a few steps,
Your job was to deliver them
to that shore even while you wept,
You bravely pulled the wounded back into that landing craft
While the dead count was amounting
From from the stern & from the aft,

Those horrid sights & sounds you heard
Weren’t mentioned much at all
As your pain was far too great
As you watched your brothers fall
But bravely, oh so bravely,
Did you serve your country well
And the gates of Heaven welcomed you
And relieved you from that hell

You and countless others are remembered on this day
And the flowers and our flag are
Just one way we wish to say
Thank you for your service to protect our country free
And thank you for ensuring that
Our families will stay free

So new flowers now are planted
I bow my head in thanks and pray
Godspeed…God bless my father
With my thanks this Memorial Day.”