When Mercy Walked In.. Cover Song.. Connie Hall

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I want to say a special thank you to Roger Woods, Sr for all the uplifting and encouragement he has provided regarding my music. Songs like THIS one are what it’s all about… NO.. it’s NOT my OWN composition.. but it’s got the message I so love to SHARE…. so Rog, thanks again for being such a support!!

When Mercy Walked In
Cover Song Written By: Stuart Keene Hine

I stood in the court room the judge turn my way
It looks like you’re guilty now what do you say
I spoke up your honor I have no defense
But that’s when mercy walked in
Mercy walked in and pleaded my case
Called to the stand God’s saving grace
The blood was presented that covered my sin
Forgiven when mercy walked in
Praise the lord
I stood there and wondered how could this be
That someone so guilty had just been set free
My chains were broken I felt born again
The moment that mercy walked in
The blood was presented that covered my sin forgiven when mercy walked in hmmmm

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